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Plant Inventory

herb garden

Herb Garden

We’ve just completed a fall inventory of edible, medicinal and insectory plants at LongGreenHouse done in the last week of September 2011. In fall 2008, this .42 acre site was mostly lawn with two apple trees, a silver maple, highbush blueberry and some ornamentals.

Under the guidance of Charles and Julia Yelton (Permaculture Instructors), UMaine professors Joline Blais (New Media), gkisedtanamoogk (Native American Studies), Cheryl Robertson (Education), Emily Markides (Peace Studies), and Miigam’agan (Mi’kmaq Clan Mother), and Debby Bell-Smith (Director of the Wassookeag School), and with grad students William Giordano, and Julian Epps, as well as a small crew of Still Water journeypersonsthe site is currently a lush edible landscape full of perennials, herbs, fruit and nut trees, berries and medicines.

A whole community of multiage learners from inside and outside the university gathered to generate this abundance in the soil and the ecosystem from UMaine classes, to Permaculture workshops, to the Wassookeag Schoolchildren.

The project also partnered with ESTIA, and Anikwom WholeLife Center and received a small MWRRI grant from the Mitchell Center in 2010 for the design work that lead to the pattern of plantings.

LongGreenHouse is a project of Still Water.

See gallery of plants in this inventory.


Social Media & Sustainability

LongGreenHouse Design

LongGreenHouse Design

5-7pm at 5 Chapel Road (garden tour & discussion)
7-9pm at 42 Mill Street (potluck, music, fun!)

Joline Blais, Claudia Lowd, gkisedtanamoogk, and Craig Dietrich lead local growers and media activists in a discussion about how social networks can support edible backyards and local farmers. Projects presented include LongGreenHouse, a living/learning center based on the Wabanaki Longhouse model and permaculture design principles, including a multi-age school, a UMaine journeyperson program, and Native elders all under one roof. Also featured will be LA Green Grounds, a grass-roots gardening initiative in Los Angeles that has become a YouTube phenomenon. The event begins with a tour of permaculture gardens at the south edge of campus at 5 Chapel Rd., followed by a potluck at an urban garden site at 42 Mill St. in downtown Orono. For more information contact Joline Blais on First Class. Sponsored by Still Water.

Summer Hours

Summer Permaculture Days are upon us.

Friday 11-3

Stop by to see the kiwi vine climbing up the deck, the lilac in full fragrance, the Poppy emerging, the purple  asparagus towering up, the bluberries setting fruit,  the apple trees in flower, and the humans rolling a manual lawn mower, or thinning the kale and spinach.

Bring work gloves and a water bottle if you want to get your hands in the dirt–so many worms, mushrooms–the soil life is exploding!

LongGreenHouse event celebrates Life Art

One of the coldest weeks of the year didn’t stop attenders of Aurono Borealis, an outdoor performance at LongGreenHouse this January.  Intermedia MFA students in Joline Blais’s LifeArt class organized a “council of beings” that attracted a variety of faculty, students, and members of the Wabanaki community.
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Still Water Permaculture Guild launches green living at UMaine

Sheet Mulching Workshop

This fall, four UMaine students will practice sustainable living as part of their education  in a permaculture homestead at the south edge of campus .Inheriting a greenhouse, cold frame, swaled garden beds, perennial gardens and the planting of food forest trees along a corridor into campus from former student projects onsite, these students will model green living as an education option.

As “journeyparsons– modeled on MOFGA’s self-directed apprenticeship program–these student will combine coursework, onsite projects and hands-on permaculture training as well as consensual governance in their homestead as a means to put permaculture skills into practice and ground their education in the rich soils of Orono.

The SWPG is inviting interested faculty and community members to join the project as advisors/fellows in a skill-sharing format. We are currently seeking 1-2 work-study students as well. For more information contact us.