Spinning & Weaving in Portland, ME

The Portland Fiber Gallery & Weaving Studio is awesome! and it’s not too far away!

~It offers LOTS of classes based on fiber use: weaving, spinning, wet felting, needle felting, and dyeing. Here’s a sample:

Spinning Classes:

Drop Spindle Spinning

Tap into the past with this very portable and low-tech method of spinning fiber into yarn.  For most of history, cloth was spindle spun.  A wheel may produce yarn faster, but a spindle can be transported very easily and it is much less expensive!

March 12th & March 19th, 2:00-3:30pm.  Cost is $65 and includes a spindle and fiber.

Wheel Spinning

We teach our spinning classes on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm.  If this time or day doesn’t work for you, please contact us to make other arrangements.  You may choose to take the “Intorduction to Spinning” or “Intermediate Spinning.”

Cost is $120 and includes fiber and 6 hours of classes.

*If you do not have a spinning wheel, you may rent one for $20/month.  This will enable you try different wheels at home to see which one is right for you.  If you decide to buy a wheel, we will credit your rental fees toward your purchase.

Introduction to Spinning: Learn how to handle wool fibers and create a plied yarn.

Intermediate Spinning: Learn how to handle and spin a variety of fibers from silk hankies to bamboo.  We’ll also explore Navajo-plying, cabling, and different techniques for producing the yarn you want.

Felting Classes:

Needle Felted Fairies

Tinkerbell, the Sugarplum Fairy, Tatania…the Tooth Fairy.  Create your own whimsical fairy while learning the addicting art of needle felting!

March 11th, 2:00-4:00pm.  Cost is $35 and includes materials to make one fairy.

Felted Soaps

Learn how to wet felt a bar of soap with merino wool to create a loofa with built in suds.  These are great for handsoap as well as in the shower and work well as nice little go-to gifts.

March 26th, 2:00-3:30pm

Cost is $25 and includes the materials to make two felted soaps.

Spring Ahead Felted Bunny

Anne Thomes of Sheltering Tree Creations will be guest teaching this needle felting class just in time for Easter.  She will be instructing on how to make the brown bunny.  These miniature creatures will have you smiling into May.

April 9th, 2:00-4:00pm

Cost is $35 and includes materials to make the brown bunny and STC instruction pamphlet for the Needle Felted Woolies “Spring Ahead” Collection (picutured bottom left).

Nuno Felted Silk Scarves

Learn to  make a beautiful, delicate scarf using silk gauze and merino wools.  Nuno felted scarves are an excellent way for self expression and will keep you warm in style.

April 16h, 12:00-5:00pm

Cost is $80 and includes materials.

Needle Felted Veggies

Have you had your daily recommended amount of vegetables?  Who ever does?!  Come make up for your leafy green deficiencies and learn the very addictive art of needle felting!  No experience necesary.

April 22nd, 2:00-4:00pm

Cost is $35 and includes enough materials to make 2-3 veggies.

Go Felt-A-Fish

Dr. Seuss had it right when he said, “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”  Come learn to needle felt while making some Dr. Seuss inspired funky, felted fish!

April 30th, 2:00-4:00pm

Cost is $35 and includes materials to make 1-2 fish.

Dyeing Classes:

Dyeing By the Seat of Your Pants

Come to a dye class where your own ideas of color and fun rule.  Learn the basics of proper handling and safety and then we’ll toss the measuring cups ou the window and improvise to make one-of-a-kind yarn or fiber.  Bring and apron and a sense of adventure along with your own animal fiber or silk materials.  We also have plenty of undyed fiber and yarn available for purchase.

April 2nd, 12:00-5:00pm

Cost is $85 and includes dye.

Weaving Classes

Tri-Loom Weaving

Come create a light spring scarf/shawl!  Tri-loom weaving is done on a triangular wooden frame and uses a continuous strand of yarn.  There is no warp to set up; the warp and weft are created simultaneously.  In this class, you will create a 3′ shawl/scarf.  You may choose to bring your own yarn or purchase some from us.  You will need 150-200 yards of DK to Aran weight yarn.

April 21st & 28th, 5:30-7:30pm

Cost is $70.

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

A two-session class.  Weave a scarf on a small folding rigid heddle loom.  Take your loom home for the interim to complete your weaving and we’ll show you how to finish off your project in the second class.  We will have yarn to purchase for warping.  Use our yarn or some from your stash for the weft.

Call to set up a time for this class.

Cost is $100 and includes two weeks of loom rental.

Weaving on a Harness Loom (Table or Floor)

Introduce Me to Weaving: Try your hand at 4-Harness weaving.  We’ll do the hard part and put the warp on for you.  You’ll try out color and pattern variations based on tabby threading.  This class meets for four sessions.

Wednesdays 5:30-8:00pm OR Thursdays 2:30-5:00pm

Cost is $120 and includes materials.

Beginning 4-Harness Weaving: Learn to warp a loom and produce a scarf or table runner using color and pattern variations based on tabby threading.  This class meets for six sessions.

Wednesdays 5:30-8:00pm OR Thursdays 2:30-5:00pm

Cost is $235 and includes materials.

~They sell instructional books on fiber crafts

~They carry handmade goods, such as rugs, blankets, and garments

~ They RENT a great selection spinning wheels and table and rigid heddle looms by the week, month, or to own. And if you’ve rented for a while, and decide you’d like to buy, they’ll deduct your rental fees from the price! Prices: Wheel rental: $5/week, Loom rental: $10/week.

To learn more about The Portland Fiber Gallery & Weaving Studio, visit: http://www.portlandfibergallery.com/index.html

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