Worms Can Help Too!

Looking for a cheap, easy, and fast way to compost your everyday kitchen scraps? If so, vermicomposting is exactly what you’re looking for. Vermicomposting is composting your scraps with a little help from redworms (Eisenia foetida). Approximately one pound of red worms can easily take care of a half-pound of garbage a day. Because they can get rid of garbage so fast, many people are looking into vermicomposting as a way to decrease global warming. What an easy way to keep organic materials out of landfills!

Redworms are also known under various common names, including brandling worms, tiger worms and red wiggler worms. These worms are a species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material, that is why they are favored for vermicomposting over all other worms.

Vermicomposting is extremely inexpensive. A pound of redworms is around 14 dollars and with scrap material around the yard, that is all you will have to invest in. Redworms prefer temperatures between 55 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, with this said it is hard to keep them outside through the winter. An easy way to store these worms is in a plastic bin like that of which you store clothing in because it is light enough to transport. Below are 5 easy steps in making your own worm ranch.

1. Choose a bin that is large enough to store worms, bedding, and food.

2. Add water-soaked bedding. (Shredded newspaper, peat moss or leaf mold)

3. Add Redworms. (Redworms are the most satisfactory and efficient type.

4. Bury Garbage. (Steer clear of meats, bones, and fats. Cover food with bedding)

5. Harvest Compost. (An easy way to do this would be to place new food on opposite end of bin and wait a couple weeks, all the worms will migrate to the new food allowing you to harvest where they had just been)

*During the composting process it is advised to collect the drainage (compost tea) which is great to fertilize plants. If possible fix a spout onto the bottom of your bin and a mesh screen so liquid fertilizer can be easily drained from the bin.

*Keep in mind that the worms will be reproducing so you could even use this process to profit by selling the worms.

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