Pigs and Dirt

Saturday, I enjoyed the lovely Maine foliage in my own yard while I prepared to turn my compost pile for the first time since its installment in March as a birthday gift. It is simple, three tires, stacked, sidewalls cut out with a saws all.(to make this kind of compost heap yourself, visit: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/making-a-compost-bin-out-of-old-tires)

My company is a potbelly piglet, Hamlet, just 8 weeks old. The compost, already two tires full, is intimidating; as my first compost, I wonder if, upon turning, I will find all of the material I added through the summer as it had been: I wonder, did my first compost pile work?

I turn my soil, and I am ecstatic: The soil is beautiful! It is the richest, darkest soil I have ever touched. Hamlet snuffs the rich humus as it spills from my shovel. I think he understands the value of this “waste” more than most.

As a semi comes barreling down route 16, Hamlet flees behind my legs, grunting angrily at the loud sound, but soon forgets, and continues to root into the yellow birch leaves.

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